Have you got any questions?

At what altitude do we fly?
The advantage of flying in a hot-air balloon, unlike the other means of air transportation is the fact of being able to fly from one meter high and almost touch the top of the trees or the bed of the rivers, to more than 1000 meters high enjoying a general view over the magnificent landscape! Flights depend on climatic conditions as well as on the passengers’ desire and courage!

When does the flight season take place?
The flight season extends from April till October (it’s the best season for good weather conditions). Flights take place early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the air is quiet and stable.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to fly when the weather is fine, why?
Because of wind’s speed, which is not necessarily the same on the ground than in the air. With the wind blowing at more than 20 km/h, we are forced to cancel flights for safety reasons. 

What is the flight's duration?
Flights last about one hour on average whatever the region. But the whole experience lasts about three hours, it includes blowing-up the balloon, the flight, the “passengers’ toast” after landing (very important !) and going back by car with our team to the place of rendezvous, which is more or less far depending on the distance covered on the flight.

Why are there only two flights a day?
Since the balloons go with the wind, the pilot can only control the balloon's altitude by heating more or less the balloon’s interior with the burners. He needs a good air stability and not too high outside temperature, but also slow winds. The only way to get all these conditions is to take off one hour after sunrise or two hours before sunset, except in Provence where flights only take place in the morning. But luckily for us, the dawn and the sunset are two most beautiful moments of the day!

What is the in-flight temperature?
The same that on the ground! Knowing that the balloon flies along with the wind, there is no air currents on board. Despite the heat released by the burners during the flight, it is convenient to wear a jacket or a pullover during the preparation of the balloon and after landing.

What do we see during the flight?
You will be able to enjoy a fantastic colored and varying landscape, depending on the region. Since it is not possible to guide a hot-air balloon, every flight is unique and the wind chooses the beauties of nature that you will discover!

Where do we take off?
The pilot chooses where to take-off depending on the wind direction (to avoid flying over too much forest for example, and to make the flight as interesting as possible). As a general rule, the take-off site is located within less than half an hour from the place of rendezvous.

Can we sit down in the basket during the flight?
No, all passengers are standing during the whole flight, and squatting for landing.

How many passengers are there per basket?
Depending on the region, the baskets are for 3, 6, 8, 15 or 16 passengers.

Is it possible to be airsick?
No, because the balloon is not connected to the ground (as a bridge or a ladder for example) Dizziness and light-headedness just does not happen ! During the flight the basket is very stable and there is no swaying, you will feel very comfortable from the take-off.

What about heart problems?
If it’s a broken heart, well nothing better than a balloon flight to feel as happy as a flying bird. If you suffer a cardiac condition and you are planning to fly over the mountains then it is advised to ask at what maximum altitude you will fly, and check with your doctor. In other regions there are no contraindications.