Our hot air balloon flight sites

Welcome to the aerial world of Art Montgolfières.
Take a picturesque balloon tour over the most beautiful regions of France.
We've selected for you the most beautiful take-off sites in our country (and also at our close friends in Italy).

From Touraine and its castles to the typical villages of Provence, from Lille to the Pyrenees, via the Paris region, the Normandy bocage... Fly over the Auvergne and its chains of volcanoes, the vineyards of Burgundy, Anjou, Sologne, Brenne, Dordogne, Vendée, the Rhône-Alpes region... We offer flight destinations to suit all tastes. Sometimes the hardest part is choosing...

Meet us at your chosen take-off site.

Choose the region that's right for you on our website, and take off for new adventures!

A flight takes approximately one hour. But there's all the preparation, from the early morning arrival at the field chosen by the pilot for the aircraft's take-off, the balloon's inflation, the flight time and finally, the landing.
The access to our take-off site is by 4x4. So is the return to the rendezvous point. The ground team has to get to the place where the wind has taken the balloon, to bring everyone and their equipment back to base.

Depending on location and weather conditions, the flight takes place at different altitudes. You can also ask the pilot to climb higher, or on the contrary, to skim the treetops. Or to see details of the architecture, monument, village or castle you're flying over.
If conditions permit, he'll be happy to do so!


Baptism of the air in a hot-air balloon

Indulge in a new activity, get off the beaten track and discover something you've never done before.
And all you have to do is let yourself be tempted by a hot-air balloon flight.
Those who have experienced it will tell you: the sensation of a hot-air balloon flight is something unique. You'll never forget it.

It's a must-do activity at least once in your life: flying over the earth in a free hot-air balloon, guided by the wind.


Enjoy a spectacular view, from the safety of the gondola. Safety is ensured by the experience and professionalism of our balloonists.
Go to our take-off site, with our experienced team, who will get you safely installed. The pilot is supported by his teammates on the ground.
Weather conditions have been carefully examined before departure. Naturally, you have to take into account the currents in the air. Children must, of course, be accompanied by an adult.

High human genius

What genius intuition it took for Joseph Montgolfier to come up with the idea that a huge envelope filled with hot air could lift passengers to heights never reached by humans.
To be able to fly as high as birds.
The idea came to him simply by watching his drying shirt puff up in front of the fireplace.


Take to the skies above the most beautiful sites!

Listen to the virtues of silence in a free balloon. The pilot sometimes activates the burner when he feels he needs to gain altitude. This is the only noise that disturbs the silent stillness of the air.
The feeling of lightness aboard a hot-air balloon is a magical moment, truly unique.

Back on earth, if you're a bit of a ham, you'll be proud to tell your friends that you're now an aeronaut, because you've been practicing free balloon aerostation.
But if you prefer to keep a low profile, say more soberly that you've experienced a hot-air balloon flight.
Either way, ballooning is an experience to be had.
It's hard to put into words the sensations you feel on an aerial cruise.