Hot air balloon flight in Normandie

Take action: treat yourself to a balloon flight over Normandy .
The sky is your field of adventure to discover the riches of this region differently.
Discover Normandy from another angle. Under your feet, it is the Seine valley and the Norman bocage.
In the heart of Normandy, the French Vexin Regional Natural Park invites you for an excursion in the air, on this natural and cultural heritage on the banks of the Seine.
To take you very high in our free and high-end balloons, our team, young, professional and passionate, will make you spend an unforgettable moment, in complete safety.

Free flight with accommodation in Normandy.
To complete your hot-air balloon ride, take advantage of our proposal for a flight with accommodation in Normandy.
We've selected some excellent locations close to your destination, to ensure you have a pleasant stay.
You'll be able to discover all the charms of this tourist region, on land and in the air.

Did you know that the world around you is majestic?
All you have to do to realize this is rise from the ground to which we've always been attached, aboard the basket of a hot-air balloon.
You'll be greeted by a region full of character.
It's no legend: in Normandy, superb cows, spotted as if by the shadow of foliage, really do graze in hedged meadows, sheltered by apple trees. The picture is real. You can confirm it by seeing it with your own eyes, from the sky.

We fly much higher than the swallows, sparrows and other merrymakers.
When you're down below, you think the sky is the kingdom of birds. But aboard a hot-air balloon, a thousand meters up, you realize that human genius has taken us to another level.
You can see the Normandy bocage as far as the eye can see. The silvery snake of the Seine serves as a guide to the eye and helps us orient ourselves in space.
The beautiful city of Rouen is just a few dozen kilometers away. You can catch a glimpse of it as you rise.

Free flight with a stay in Normandy.
You won't soon forget the moment you're about to experience, with the pilot and your fellow passengers, in this gondola.
"Amazement" is an apt term to describe how passengers feel on a hot-air balloon flight.
If you're a nature lover who likes to spend your weekends in the countryside near Paris, this Normandy flight is for you!
You'll be able to enjoy this unusual experience, discovering familiar places in a completely different way.

Leave the Paris region behind and enjoy a change of scenery.
Without having to go very far, you'll be truly transported by this Normandy balloon escapade. Away from pollution, we take off for a magical destination. A hot-air balloon ride has the power to make you instantly forget your daily worries, the stress of work and urban gloom.