Hot air balloon flight in Pyrénées

Admire the Pyrenean mountains from the air, in a balloon.
There are all kinds of ways to see the Pyrenean mountain range, but this balloon flight is the only way to enjoy a 360-degree view of the Cerdagne natural region.
In this high plain, observe the mountain range from one of the most impressive vantage points: the sky, on a hot-air balloon flight.

Situated to the east of the Pyrenees, the Pyrénées-Orientales (66) is a sunny region between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains to the north of Catalonia.
Here you can enjoy the natural heritage of the Parc Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes, not far from the border between France and Spain.

Flights can be booked from Bourg-Madame on the French side, or from Cerdanya airfield on the Spanish side.

From the take-off point, after inflating the balloon, the balloon begins to move with the gentle Pyrenean breeze. All takes place in soothing silence, with just the sound of the burner. In the basket, you'll soar to heights of 2,000 or 3,000 meters. You can imagine the extraordinary views you'll have at this altitude. You don't have to be a climber to get to the top and contemplate otherwise inaccessible landscapes.

Did you know?
Hot-air ballooning is not considered a means of transport, because it doesn't allow you to get from one place to another with any certainty. That's what makes it so charming, and what makes this adventure so exhilarating.
It's the wind of the moment that decides the itinerary. The pilot can only anticipate these atmospheric conditions as best he can, to know the general area in which he will be able to land. His experience is essential for flying over the most interesting places to see. Depending on the possibilities, he may have to choose the departure site to be sure of flying over a particular place.

Escape into the clouds
Everyone has the crazy dream of soaring through the air.
Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of being able to fly. To leave terra firma and see things from above, with your hair blowing in the wind, free as a bird.

You'll be amazed at the incomparable sensations that a hot-air balloon flight always brings. From the skies, you'll be able to see wonders you'd never dream of on the ground. You'll bring back images of rare beauty. Enough to nourish your memory... And your photo library.

Experience it for yourself
You'll enjoy a spectacular view of the Cerdagne plateau, with a glimpse of the famous Canigou peak.
You can live your dream of being up there with the birds, admiring things as they do.
Breathe in the pure Pyrenean air as you fly over mountains and valleys inaccessible by road.

There's nothing like a hot-air balloon ride to get away from it all, and fill you up with adventure, novelty, discovery and emotion.

The vast skies of the Pyrenees await you for a ballooning experience!
No particular physical condition is required. A hot-air balloon ride is completely safe.

Flights can be booked from Bourg-Madame on the French side, or from La Derdanya airfield on the Spanish side.