Advertising balloon : aerostatic communication

Your Publicity Hot Air Balloon! Carry your brand, promote a product, announce an event: a balloon with your colours is the most original way to increase your visibility !


Your personalized advertising balloon 

A giant and moving billboard! Imagine the impact! Your logo on a hot air balloon in your image is the guarantee of a remarkable, noticed and durable identity.

A hot air balloon has the power to convey a message in the most beautiful way. Without aggressiveness your message is displayed on 20 m high in the sky. Your brand will be seen by all as a hot air balloon attracts attention, no one can help but see it evolve in the clouds.

A balloon that flies is already an event in itself, a synonym of dream, an object of desire. A balloon in your image will highlight your products in an original and innovative way. It can be used to thank your customers, encourage your employees, impress Vips. You can impact the crowd at an event you sponsor or not and thus stay in people’s memory.

This will boost your campaign, so take it off with Art Montgolfières !

Film, shooting, advertising, photo shooting

Do you have a project in the audiovisual sector, a specific need for Vips, a film or an advertisement or an animation with a captive flight? The balloon will carry your message.

Often television and cinema use hot air balloons. Whether it is for shooting, shooting on the ground or in the air, a box for characters or a photo shoot, all options are possible. Also, we can make realize just for you a special balloon with a particular shape or colors that will match your needs.


A special form for a special project

The balloon is a privileged support for your communication. The canvas of the balloon is like a painter’s canvas, we can use it to reproduce your logo or your advertising message. But the envelope can also take the form you want: your product, an iconic or symbolic object, almost anything is possible. The balloon can also take the form of a house, a bottle, an animal, a character etc… what an impact! The effectiveness of your communication will be increased tenfold. Whether at a large gathering in France or internationally, for a commemorative event or event, all objectives will be on you, all eyes will be on you ! Your presence will be noticed and seen by thousands of spectators. Also imagine that this hot air balloon will ship your very privileged guests. Your communication and marketing goal will then take on a whole new dimension.



A housed balloon for passenger transport

Display yourself on our balloons and imagine a 20 m high panel calling out to people where they are!

Seen from the ground, passers-by will see an object of prestige, just as calm and fascinating, original, a dream activity representing adventure. Your communication will then be immediately associated with all of these qualifiers.

We offer you prestigious and media advertising that is more effective than any other medium.

Today’s world is visual. Our hot air balloons are photographed and filmed by passengers and passers-by on each of our flights. Your image will be conveyed on the canvas and will generate buzz.

A partnership with us allows you to benefit from a permanent display on one or more of our balloons at each of our outings or during our presence on the largest aerostatic events. We will also give you: - Transport tickets to offer to your guests - Special rates on additional tickets - Special pricing conditions and priority for the organization of your private events.


Why choose a partnership with Art Montgolfières

Since 2005, Art Montgolfières has been in partnership with the largest balloon manufacturers. We thus offer you quality material for an exceptional rendering.

Also, we are able to support you in all stages of your project: estimate, model, realization of the nacelle, burner, envelope and administrative side (registration, pass ...).

We can manage your hot air balloon for you during events and captive flights, both in France and abroad. We also suggest that you organize storage, maintenance of the balloon, but also piloting or pilot training.

Our experience in all areas is a key asset that allows us to meet all your aerostatic needs, from the design of the balloon to the management of the latter by approved professionals, so that the image of your company is presented in the best conditions, according to rigorous safety specifications.


Choice of shapes, colors, logos, request your free quote

Whatever your project we will ensure for you the administrative and technical management of the balloon, the registrations with the aeronautical administration, the insurance. We can take care of its storage, its maintenance, the piloting. We can organize with you a one-time event, several flights or operate your balloon according to a scheduled flight schedule. Everything is defined together.


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