Hot air balloon flight in Rhône-Alpes

In the Rhône-Alpes region, come and discover very old landscapes from a totally new angle. You just have to fly over them aboard the basket of a hot air balloon.

Come and meet us at Art Montgolfières. We form teams of people who are passionate about balloon flight, the intense life on board and the eyes of passengers who sparkle with new stars, in our pods that welcome them.

Come and fly near Lyon
In the Rhône-Alpes region, to the west of Lyon, from the launch sites where we've established ourselves, you can easily discover these rolling landscapes, these gentle mountains, thanks to a ride in the basket of our hot-air balloon.

If the wind lends itself, you'll fly over the remains of medieval strongholds and abbeys of stone and slate.
With the Lyonnais mountains as a backdrop, admire an extraordinary landscape.
As far as the Livradois and Forez mountains, breathe in the fresh, unspoilt air of nature, just as in the days of Gaspard des Montagnes.

On the road to new adventures!
In the Rhône-Alpes region of France, you'll find the perfect place to realize your lifelong dream of a first flight in a hot-air balloon.
Our valiant pilot has many hours' flying experience behind him. With the help of our ground crew, he'll get you on your way to new adventures. He'll give you the height you need to soar far beyond your worries and everyday stresses.
It's amazing how far you can let go of your worries. As soon as the balloon takes off, you feel light. You're off to meet the clouds.

It's like therapy...
Flying in a hot-air balloon is a powerful enough experience that, when you take off, you leave behind all the little negative things in your life. It won't weigh you down any more, because there's no risk of finding it when you land...
In any case, after your ballooning experience, nothing will ever be the same again!

Nothing has really changed since hot-air ballooning began - except safety!
On a hot-air balloon ride, you'll be able to soar through the air, just like in the days of Jules Verne.
Of course, technology has evolved over the years. The balloon's envelope is made of synthetic materials, making it much lighter and more reliable. The gas used as fuel is propane, which is safer, more calorific and safely carried on board in cylinders. The means of knowing the weather have also evolved considerably.
But the principle of flight is still the same. The basket is still a large wicker and rattan basket. It's still as simple as ever: the hot air contained in the balloon makes it lighter than the surrounding air, allowing it to soar.
What hasn't changed, either, in the few generations since the first balloon flights, is the thrill!

The sensation of being able to fly, without noise or engine, calmly in the fresh morning air, or in the softness of a summer afternoon, has remained the same, in the hearts of the lucky passengers of this brilliant and magical invention.