Pays de Valencey

Hot air balloon flight over Pays de Valencey

The "Thousand lakes"

Float over the land of the "Thousand lakes",
With more than 3 000 ponds in the Natural Regional Park of the Brenne, this region is known worldwide for its rich fauna and flora. Discover outstanding landscapes where water, woods and meadows merge. Far from mass tourism, untamed nature unveils its beauty around ponds. Launching from the land of Valençay, fly over these wonderful landscapes and glimpse local traditions such as carp fishing. You may spot one of the 400 land and water bird species nesting in the land of the "Thousand lakes". Guided by the wind, you may be lucky enough to admire the Castle of Valençay and its sumptuous gardens…

Private flight in Brenne

VIP ticket in Brenne for one-hour flight in a private basket for 2 to 8 persons depending on your choice - can be used 7/7 days including public holidays.

749,00 €
Passenger :

Valençay 1

Valençay 2

Valençay 3

Valençay 4