Hot air balloon flight in Burgundy

Discover Burgundy as you've never seen it before!
Take to the skies over the vineyards in the summertime, aboard a hot-air balloon as the light wind blows.
Treat yourself to an extraordinary activity: take to the skies above Beaune in a hot-air balloon.

In the Côte-d'Or department, one of the world's most famous vineyards stretches between Dijon, capital of Burgundy, and Beaune, capital of Burgundy wines.
Take a bird's-eye view of this thousand-year-old vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

To the east, the Jura mountains. To the west, the forests of Morvan. On the north-south axis, halfway between Beaune and Dijon, Nuits-Saint-Georges is on the prestigious route des Grands Crus. On the other side, towards Saône-et-Loire, you'll find Chalon-sur-Saône, Tournus, Cluny, Mâcon... and all the charm of southern Burgundy.

Over Burgundy's vineyards
Touch the clouds from the comfort of a hot-air balloon's gondola. Discover the most beautiful panoramas: the earth has never been so beautiful as seen from the sky.

Just a few hundred meters from the ground, everything looks so different!
Burgundy's vineyards are made up of small plots, each with its own well-aligned rows. Variations in the layout and orientation of these plots, to ensure that the vines receive the ideal amount of sunlight, give a particular rhythm to the landscape.
It's a perfectly harmonious blend between the geometry of the vine rows and the organic arrangement that surrounds them.
The vineyards are punctuated by cabotes, small huts built by winegrowers from stones that got in the way of ploughing.
Dirt roads and winding lanes wind through the vineyards.

Enjoy a cultural region not to be missed
Beaune is one of Burgundy's leading centers for culture, art and history.
From an architectural point of view, the Burgundian roofs of the Hôtel-Dieu are even more astonishing when seen from above!
Architecture takes on a whole new dimension from the air.

In Burgundy, the art of living has practically become a religion.
Before and after the flight, you can discover the local gastronomy. Don't leave without sampling the chefs' specialties in the region's many restaurants. Meet the winemakers as they taste their wines in magnificent cellars. Listen to them talk about their patiently crafted crus.

Treat yourself to a hot-air balloon ride
Because the warmer the air, the lighter it becomes. Cold air falls and warm air rises.
It was on this simple principle that the Montgolfier brothers imagined the possibility of soaring through the air. Simply enclose warmer air in the envelope of a balloon, large enough to carry a few people, and light enough to meet the challenge of elevation.
From there, a gentle poetry unfolds. There's no brutality in a hot-air balloon flight, no turbulence at take-off or in flight. You're carried gently by the warm air, gliding over the landscape.
So take the plunge and make that hot-air balloon trip you've always dreamed of a reality...
Contrary to popular belief, a balloon flight is accessible to all budgets.
Discover our different offers and prices.
For example, you can take a first flight in a hot-air balloon, or choose a private flight for couples, families or friends.
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