Hot air balloon flight in Auvergne

Take to the skies and discover Auvergne from the air, in a hot-air balloon!

Take off for a completely different point of view. You'll fly over round hills and soft, velvety woods.
Dare to leave terra firma and admire the volcanoes from above. You'll be rewarded with such a different view of things...
And take advantage of our selection of flights plus accommodation, so you can enjoy your first flight without having to worry about the rest.

Above the chains of Auvergne volcanoes
In the clear air above the landscapes of the Auvergne, you can contemplate the splendor of nature as far as the eye can see.
Here, flying over the volcano chains, their craters are a reminder of a turbulent, but fortunately very distant past. Nowadays, you can fly over them in a hot-air balloon.

Auvergne is one of the most beautiful places in France to visit by hot-air balloon, with its Parc régional des Volcans.
Fly over the Sancy massif, the majestic Puy de Sancy, Auvergne's highest volcano, with its sometimes steep slopes.
You could, of course, reach this highest point of the Auvergne via the departmental road or cable car, but a balloon flight is a whole other adventure!

Discover the Monts Dore, the beautiful blue lakes that form other landmarks in this panorama of the Puy-de-Dôme, the Chaîne des Puys and its countless craters, the Cantalien massif, the Cézailler high plateaux and the Limagne plain...

Wellness in a balloon
The balloon is equipped with a perfectly stabilized basket. There's no risk of swaying or vertigo, because there's no connection to the ground.
All you feel is an incredible sense of well-being and lightness, floating in the wind over meadows and treetops.

What a joy it is when a small white cloud spreads its misty sheet between the ground and the gondola.
Beneath our feet, the trees in the groves look like a miniature train set. Everything looks more colorful and so crisp.
Up here, we feel free.

Take that fabulous hot-air balloon ride you've always dreamed of.
Treat yourself at last to a moment of happiness and sweet emotions in the Massif Central.

You will depart from the initial meeting point. Our balloonist has carefully prepared the optimal route, studying the strength and direction of the current winds. But the arrival point is never known precisely in advance: winds are always slightly shifty and can vary according to the altitude the balloon reaches. That's what makes this experience such an adventure! Rest assured: safety rules and weather monitoring are perfectly mastered.

Booking a hot-air balloon flight directly online on our website is simple and secure. Choose your take-off site, your formula (alone, as a couple, with children, opt for a flight + accommodation... Etc.).

When you take to the skies with Art Montgolfières, we know that the landscapes of Auvergne will leave you with unforgettable memories.