Our passion

Peace, plenitude, serenity, this is what we feel aboard a balloon...

Contemplate the landscape, admire the beauty of nature in the beauty of the wind, being next to the clouds and as closely as possible to the sun, which majestically gets up or lies down in front of our eyes.
It is aboard the world's most beautiful balcony that Art Montgolfières makes you share the wonders of each flight,
"It is the wonder that makes our job a passion".

Balloon, airship, aircraft, many words describe the hot-air balloons, as fabulous and as intriguing as they are. A wicker basket, more or less big depending on the model, a burner that overpowers the basket and a balloon called the envelope, made of a very thin but very resistant nylon tissue, these are the elements that constitute a hot-air balloon.

Propelled into the air with hot air sent by the burner into the envelope, the balloon moves between the earth and the head of the clouds at 500 meters high. The fuel used is most of the time propane, the flame created by the burner can reach up to 4 meters, pushing up the balloon and warming the basket and its passengers at the same time.
There are balloons of all sizes and capacities, which can fly from 2 to 15 passengers in their basket. The current volume of a balloon is about 2,500 m3 which is 20 meters high and 15 meters in diameter, an already impressive envelope this size!

The essential limit of a flight which makes each trip different is: the weather

Our passion is also there, always adapting our flights to weather conditions, getting to know the wind to anticipate the balloon’s direction, knowing how to gauge the correct altitude, the pilot’s art is in the power of observation and balance to make you live the best flight ever.

Come and share this beautiful moment with us, near the clouds where we will try to make you taste our passion: hot air ballooning.