Hot air balloon flight in Italy

Welcome to Italy with Art Montgolfières .
Take an unforgettable balloon ride over one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.
We have established for you, some beautiful take-off sites in northern Italy, especially in the Aosta Valley and in the sky of Tuscany .

From the Alps and their high peaks, to the round hills and authentic villages of the Chianti region, in Tuscany ... Fly over the magnificent Italian landscapes, 360 degrees.

Meet us at your chosen flying site
Make your choice, find the Italian region on our site, and take to the skies for a wonderful adventure!

A flight lasts about an hour.
Then it's time to prepare your equipment at the take-off site. First, there's the morning arrival at the rendezvous point, which our team has carefully chosen according to wind direction. Then it's time to inflate the balloon, using a large fan to force air into the envelope. When there's enough air in the envelope, the gas burner is used to heat it up. During this time, if you wish, you can contribute to these useful actions.
Then it's time to fly. The excitement is at its peak.
You easily take your place in the wicker and rattan basket. You're all settled in and ready for take-off. You'll be amazed at just how smooth a balloon ride can be.
After an hour or so in the air, it's time to choose a clear landing area. All very smoothly.
The ground team picks up everyone and their equipment at the landing site, in a 4x4.
The pilot knows the area, of course. But the direction and speed of the changing winds cannot be known in advance. This is what will determine the duration of the flight and where we can land. The weather conditions have been carefully studied before departure. You leave in complete safety.

Your hot-air balloon experience in Italy
Not only can you take off for the first time in the gondola of a beautiful hot-air balloon, to discover the clouds, but you can do it in Italy!
In this privileged part of the world, you feel part of something immense, between sea, mountains and perfect hills.
In Italy, you fly over one of the main cradles of European culture.
You are carried silently and quietly above it all. You glide through an intense blue sky, and you're free.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult parent. If the adult is not one of the parents, written parental authorization will be required.

Discover the Aosta Valley
From the Aosta Valley, you can soar high above the peaks of the Alps in a hot-air balloon. You leave early in the morning, just as the sun is lighting up the snow-covered peaks and glaciers of the Mont Blanc region in red and yellow.
In short, it's at this very spot on earth, or rather in the sky, that you really understand what it means to have an unobstructed view!

A renaissance in Tuscany
In Tuscany, where the Italian Renaissance took root, Art Montgolfière takes to the skies just a few kilometers from Florence, the city of countless Renaissance art treasures.
Let yourself be carried over the vineyards of Chianti, over the hills of Tuscany, with their winding lanes and authentic villages that will delight you and give you a feeling of absolute fulfillment.