Hot air balloon flight in Brenne

Fly over Brenne and its thousands of ponds. Paradise for birds, rich and rare fauna and flora, ponds reflecting the sky, vast expanses of water punctuated with heathlands, meadows and forests. Located in the department of Indre, Brenne is definitively one of the most luxuriant natural regions of the Center of France.

Art Montgolfières offers 2 possible launch sites in Brenne :

With over 3,000 ponds in the Brenne Regional Nature Park, this region is internationally renowned for its rich flora and fauna.
From the gondola of a balloon, discover an exceptional landscape where water, woods and meadows merge. Far from mass tourism, its wild nature can be discovered on the shores of its ponds.

Valençay country
Guided by the wind, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Château de Valençay and its sublime gardens...
This sumptuous château, the religious buildings of the Pays de Valençay, the Bas Berry train, the great Berrichonne countryside, the meandering Cher river... There's so much to see from the air!
Take off from the Pays de Valençay and fly over these marvels.

Mézière-en-Brenne and its ponds
Mézière-en-Brenne is the largest town in this geographical area. It's a starting point for flying over the hundreds of hectares of ponds in the Brenne regional nature park.
From the air, you can enjoy local traditions such as carp fishing, and catch a glimpse of one of the 400 species of land and water birds that nest in the land of the "Thousand Ponds".