Hot air balloon flight near Paris in Île de France

Looking for a hot-air balloon flight in Paris? The density of housing and air corridors makes it impossible to take off and land in a hot-air balloon in Paris and its inner suburbs. Hot-air ballooning needs wide-open spaces for an unforgettable adventure in contact with nature. So why not get away from Paris for a while?

Escape the polluted air and hustle and bustle of Paris for a hot-air balloon ride.
Board one of our hot-air balloons about an hour from Paris in the Île-de-France region, from which you'll see that this region from the sky is spectacularly beautiful.

Come and discover our flight bases in Île-de-France, the region of Fontainebleau and its vast forest, Maintenon and its castle, steeped in history or Vaux-le-Vicomte and its castle and gardens that inspired Versailles.

The best thing about visiting these places in a hot-air balloon is that you get a sense of height, both literally and figuratively.
Nothing is the same aboard a hot-air balloon!

From this vantage point, we become aware of the third spatial dimension, height.
We breathe purer air, less laden with carbon dioxide, which is heavier than air and tends to stagnate on the surface of the ground.
We feel an incredible sensation of lightness, gliding gently, calmly, in the light wind that caresses our faces.
And we see the panorama, 360 degrees, like an eagle, in all its splendor and expanse while remaining close to Paris.


Another world just outside Paris

Less than an hour's drive from Paris, you're guaranteed a change of scenery.
While the aircraft's speed and direction are entrusted to the wind, the pilot's particular experience, allows him to master the balloon and control the flight height. The take-off is smooth, and the landing is gentle.
Everything has been done to ensure that you enjoy your flight in the Paris region in complete comfort and safety.

During the slow ascent over centuries-old forests, châteaux and their French-style parks and gardens, the Île-de-France countryside, from your privileged position, you'll be able to observe how this landscape has structured itself, over the centuries.
There's a lot to see in this Parisian region, with its small towns, villages and bell towers, surrounded by cultivated fields, meadows and forests; criss-crossed by roads, thoroughfares, streams and rivers, flowing between rows of trees and groves. It's easy to understand the blend of nature and man's action on the land. The marvellous geometrically-shaped architectural constructions, landmarks of French history, play with the cheerful disorder of the surrounding woods. The concentration of housing in urban areas contrasts with the vast, open, cultivated fields.


Mysterious Island

Like a journey in a Jules Verne book, you fly over a mysterious island in a balloon. Its mystery lies first and foremost in the meaning of its name. Why call it Île-de-France, when it's located... in the middle of nowhere? It's not surrounded by water, let alone the sea. No one really knows!
But there is mention of an "Isle de France" as early as 1387, to name a territory around Paris, larger than today's region.
Is this because of the rivers that surround the province: the La Marne, the Seine, the L'Oise and the Loing ?
Is this a Saxon version of " liddle franke " meaning " little France "?