Hot air balloon flight in Vendée

We'll take you up in the air in a hot-air balloon to discover the Vendée as you've never seen it before!
Choose from one of our flight stations.
You'll be able to fly over sites steeped in history, the lakes and castles of the Vendée, Niort, the natural wealth of the Marais Poitevin...

Take advantage of an all-inclusive package in the Vendée, including your balloon flight and accommodation, to make the most of your stay.

Thanks to Aeolus, ruler of the winds, free balloon flight gives many people the chance to experience an extraordinary adventure every year.

Fly over the Puy du Fou

Fly higher than the huge eagles of the Puy du Fou theme park.
Take in all the sights and sounds of this unique leisure and historical site.
You'll know what the landscape looks like from the air as far away as Cholet.

Niort from the air
Near Niort and the coast, it's the former salt marshes that have shaped the landscape. The interplay of the tides, the areas where salt water evaporates from the sea and the work of men have slowly created a unique landscape.
There's nothing like watching the sun set over the ocean from a hot-air balloon.

The Poitevin marshes in a hot-air balloon
The Sèvre Niortaise ends its course in the Atlantic Ocean.
Before that, it diffuses its waters into the wet marshlands.
The sky invites you to experience the marriage of water and land.
Fly over the Venise verte in the Marais Poitevin, to visit this wilderness like you've never seen it before!
The most beautiful part of the marsh is called the Venise verte. To visit it, your balloon gondola will be your aerial gondola.
What's more, you'll realize that flying over the marsh is a way of respecting this haven for biodiversity.

A great idea for a special occasion
A hot-air balloon flight is the perfect way to celebrate an event, whether it's a birthday, a family celebration, a corporate gift or a vacation...
Need an original idea for a Christmas gift?
Looking for a way to impress your partner on Valentine's Day?
Whether you're a couple, a family or a group of friends, you have the power to surprise your loved ones, by offering them a wonderful experience: living a moment of happiness in the comfortable basket of a free balloon. That's what our gift vouchers are for...

Flying in a hot-air balloon is above all a pleasure and a dream.
Even as a child, you dreamed of flying among the birds of the sky. Now you can make it come true.
Our take-off sites in the Vendée region are waiting for you to experience this new adventure. Choose your flight!

Get out of time
Set aside three hours in your schedule. Three hours during which you'll be prepared to take part in this journey through the air.
The preparation of the balloon will make you forget your everyday life.
And at some point, the balloon is finally ready for take-off.
As you ascend into the third dimension, the height, you let the wind carry you across an immense green expanse, in communion with nature. You feel space in all its three dimensions.
Leave all your everyday baggage on the ground.
As you leave the ground, you forget your current worries and live in the moment. There's no more past or future. You're truly outside time.