Hot air balloon flight in Sologne

Sologne is a large forest natural region located between the Loire and one of its tributaries, the Cher. Climb aboard one of our Art Mongolfières balloons to discover the unique features of this region. Fly over the Castle of Cheverny and discover its outstanding park and kitchen gardens. Imagine you are flying over the Castle of Moulinsart with Tintin and Captain Haddock, just like Hervé had imagined it.

Or prefer to visit from the air the Castle of Blois, fabulous architectural synthesis of the Loire Castles...

Climb aboard one of Art Montgolfières' balloons to discover the special features of the Sologne region.

Fly over the beauty of a wilderness
This vast natural region lies between the Loire and one of its tributaries, the Cher. With its ponds, peat bogs and forests, Sologne is a favorite with nature lovers.
It's always a special feeling to fly over these green, velvety landscapes in a hot-air balloon, three-quarters of which are covered in forest, with the sparkle of still waters and the colorful peaks of heather moors dotting the landscape.
Occasionally, a wild animal - a deer or even a stag - will emerge from its wooded refuge, drawn by the curiosity of seeing that balloon in the sky.

In Sologne, nature also leaves its place to culture
Fly over the Château de Cheverny, as you would over the Château de Moulinsart. You'll be immersed in a real Tintin adventure, complete with cartoon characters.