Hot air balloon flight in Anjou

Anjou has a considerable cultural heritage and fascinating patrimony from the French History. While floating, discover unique and local treasures: vineyards, constructions with black slate and white tufa architectural features, roman churches... From the sky, admire the magnificent Castle of Saumur, the rocky spur where the Royal Fortress of Chinon stands and many other charms that Anjou can unveil...

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Art Montgolfières offers 2 flying areas in Anjou:

Anjou is a region with a rich cultural and historical heritage, steeped in the history of France. Characterized by a territory rich in vineyards and architectural features, with slate and tuffeau buildings and Romanesque churches, each more beautiful than the last, you can discover as you fly in a balloon.
Take a bird's eye view of Saumur castle, the rocky spur of the Royal Fortress of Chinon and all the treasures that Anjou has to offer...

It's a magical moment, when the balloon basket leaves the green grass on the ground, and the balloon takes off for its celestial destination. There's no jolt, the speed is gentle, like the caress of the wind on your cheeks.
You rise, a few centimetres above the ground, then above the canopy. You can safely skim the tops of the tallest trees. The higher you go, the smaller everything seems below, in the landscape that is now a set.
Reality doesn't look the same from the gondola of your hot-air balloon. Hundreds of meters above the ground, trees look like lichen, meadows and fields become smooth, like oil paint on a master canvas.
Climb to the top to observe the softness of Angevine, that quality given to define the living environment of this region on the banks of the Loire.

Here, in this privileged province, art has flourished throughout history.
Generation after generation has left us architectural monuments of exceptional beauty, to be discovered in a whole new way from the air!