The course of a captive balloon flight

Before the appointment...

Before taking off, the company's pilots first check the weather conditions: clear, preferably sunny, no precipitation, and above all a steady, stable wind of less than 15km/h. This is why the flight is confirmed at least half a day beforehand. This is why flight confirmation should be made half a day in advance at the earliest;

There are no medical contraindications (with the exception of pregnant women, who are not allowed to fly), but we do ask you to report any illnesses or disabilities that may affect flying.

In addition, the grid below gives an idea of the most suitable times for captive ballooning, depending on the season. In spring and summer, even in good weather conditions, the warming of the earth by the sun can create a thermal wind and turbulence, preventing or limiting flight in the middle of the day (this is not systematic, but frequent). We therefore recommend that you take this factor into account when planning your event.

At appointment time...

Pilots and crew meet in the hamon area, release a helium balloon to check wind direction and strength, and define a safety perimeter around the flight point.

The team sets down the gondola, lays it down and secures the balloon for spreading. Moorings and vehicles are organized. Once the safety managers are in place, our team installs the anchors, secures the balloon and the pilot carries out his checks;

Using a fan, the pilot inflates the balloon. It takes around 10-15 minutes to fill it with air. Once full, the balloon is heated by burners supplied with liquid propane.

As soon as the air inside the envelope becomes warmer (and therefore lighter) than the air outside, it begins to rise slowly, followed by the nacelle;

At this point, the pilot signals to the crew, inviting them to bring the first passengers to take their seats in the gondola and giving them their recommendations.

In the air...

After a gentle takeoff, you're off for a great experience. You stay in the air for a few minutes, admiring the view before coming back down. Each rotation lasts around five minutes. Depending on the weight, you'll need between 2 and 3 people per rotation.

Back on earth...

Towards the end of the ascent, it's time to prepare for landing! The pilot asks you to take the appropriate position and reduces the throttle, the air in the balloon cools and the balloon descends. The basket touches down lightly, the balloon comes to rest and the passengers descend.

Another small group can then take their place in the gondola, and so on until the end of the flight time, depending on weather conditions.

Discovering the world of ballooning is a unique and privileged experience. We're a team of young, dynamic professionals, and we'll do everything we can to help you discover the joys of hot-air ballooning and pass on our passion.

See you soon in our pods!