Weather cancellation option

Cancellation option

All tickets and formulas (unless otherwise notified) are valid for one year from the date of purchase. This year of validity is voluntarily given in order to cover the flight period. This flight season is, in most regions, 7 months and covers the most beautiful months of the year: from the beginning of April to the end of October. The winter season being less favorable from a meteorological point of view, only a few flights in a privatized basket can be envisaged.

Tickets can be gifted or used for personal use. The cancellation of a flight may be due to weather or security reasons related to the flight. In these cases, the company Art Montgolfières is forced to cancel your appointment. You can then make a new reservation for another flight appointment according to your desires, availability and in accordance with the General Conditions of Sale.

Don't you prefer to choose another date? You are only passing through, you have a very busy schedule and you will not be able or will not wish to reschedule another date for the flight: choose the cancellation option! If a cancellation option has been purchased when purchasing your ticket, you can request a refund of the amount of your ticket. The amount of the cancellation option will remain at your expense and these costs will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

The ticket with the cancellation option is the only ticket refundable in the event of the flight being canceled for weather or flight security reasons. Reimbursement must be made upon written request addressed to the office of the Company, at the address: 9, Le Petit Villeneuve - 41400 Saint Georges Sur Cher. The reimbursement will be made through the same means and to the same person as during the purchase.

In case of cancellation by the Purchaser for personal reasons, all of the sums paid by the Purchaser to the Company will remain with him.


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