A large bowl of fresh air in Touraine 

Take advantage of our exceptional flash sale to relax in our beautiful Tourangelle region. After a period of confinement, everything is open! And the region is rich in activities! You will therefore inevitably find your happiness in addition to the balloon flight. Rich in history, architecture, nature, landscapes, wine, gastronomy, people, the possibilities are endless. What could be more beautiful than discovering this heritage seen from the sky during a balloon flight! A double opportunity: take advantage of a breathtaking promo rate and come and recharge your batteries and take a large bowl of fresh air in Touraine.

Three possible offers to please you or to spoil your loved ones and why not also take the opportunity to make a gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day?

1 a balloon flight ticket for a baptism valid on the day of your choice

2 a 2-night stay in a guest room with the balloon flight

3 a gift ticket to offer in a pouch and a heart balloon

PLEASE NOTE: these offers are valid for a purchase until June 2, 2020 and to be consumed before October 31, 2020

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Flight in Touraine with 2 night in B & B

Flight in Touraine with 2 night in a bed-and-breakfast accommodation. Ticket for a flight - can be used 7/7 days including...

599,00 €
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